A simple service for making sure your zaps are running

Before BeenTooLong: You sat there wondering why it’s been two months since you got a lead from zapier only to find out that Jim from accounts did not pay the credit card bill, your forms are not working, zapiers broken. After BeenTooLong: You feel relaxed knowing that if your zapier integrations stop working as expected we will let you know and you can get the problem fixed

We are there for the unexpected times

Zapier is great, until it stops working and you are left clueless as to why the thing you expect to happen has not happened for a long time

"We lost $100k in leads over 2 months"

Bob’s company uses zapier to send leads from web forms to zapier and then into a CRM. This was working great until jim in accounts forgot to top up the credit card. No leads got sent to Zapier, and everyone thought it was quiet. How were they

Bob could have used our system to send an alert if it’s been too long between leads.

"1000 customers did not get a coupon"

Jill’s company uses zapier to send coupon codes to hotel guest when they are checked in on the property management system. That’s of course untill Tony edited a Zap, forgot to click save and the zap sat disabled for 2 months.

Jill could have used our system to send an alert if it’s been too long since a coupn was sent.